10 Must-Have Social Media Management Tools for Small Businesses

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Raise your hand if you accidentally scroll through social media instead of using it to promote your business. raise your hand. Look, we’ve all been there. Social media is considered a marketing goldmine for small businesses like yours. However, your social media strategy can easily fail when you have a small team managing multiple tasks. That’s where the right social media management tools come in! They can streamline your processes, saving you time and boosting your results. Want to simplify your social media marketing? This blog covers 10 must-have tools for small businesses in 2024, with all the features, pricing info, and more.

Small business social media

My goal? To help you find your perfect audience on social media and ultimately get more time, engagement, and more customers.

No more aimless scrolling or Stressful advertising too. The future of social media management is here.

Let’s start by understanding what social media management is.

What is social media management?

Social media management refers to the coordination of actions required to strategically execute one’s social media marketing strategies company on different channels. This job includes tasks such as:

  • Create a content calendar and develop engaging multimedia posts. Schedule this content for visibility and engagement Optimal engagement based on audience analysis.
  • Monitor all comments, direct messages, and brand mentions. and community engagement.
  • Analyze overall social media performance metrics and ROI for insights.
  • Develop a social media marketing strategy that aligns with business goals, business and broader goals.
  • For small businesses with limited resources, try to do it manually. Juggling all these social media responsibilities is extremely difficult.

10 Best Social Media Management Platforms (2024)

Are you a social media manager or small business social media owner, entrepreneur, or marketing manager who manages your social accounts? If so, you know how big your social media to-do list is! If you’re exploring the world of content creation, algorithms, captions, stories, engagement, and hashtags then you’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post, we share 10 must-have social media management tools every entrepreneur needs to help you streamline your workload. Whether you’re new to the world of social media or experienced in managing social media accounts, these tools will help you work smarter, not harder.

1. Tool that needs no introduction: ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a text generation platform developed by OpenAI and has recently been a big hit. It uses artificial intelligence to generate detailed responses based on the instructions and prompts given.

It can answer questions and help you with tasks like writing emails, essays, and coding. For marketing and social media, this is the ideal tool to help you come up with personalized content ideas, captions, hashtags, and more. A game changer!

2. Your best friend in graphic design: Canva

If you don’t use Canva for content creation, you need to start now! Canva is an online graphic design tool that offers many features to create eye-catching, brand-appropriate graphics.

Canva for graphic design

Canva is easy to navigate and learn, allowing non-graphic designers to create stunning visuals using editable templates, stock images and videos, and design tools. easy-to-use design. With a free version and an inexpensive paid version, this is an incredible tool that we recommend to anyone working in social media.

3. Laugh with Gephi

Who doesn’t like GIFs on social networks? They’re relevant, funny, and perfect for creating engagement! If GIFs and memes are part of your social strategy and are relevant to your audience, Gephi is a great tool to use! Gephi is a popular online platform that allows users to search, share, and create animated GIFs. You can search different categories on the platform and even create custom GIFs to give your content a unique touch. We love it!

4. All-in-One Tool: Fast

Obviously, we were quick to put it on this list! Rapidly is an all-in-one social media management tool that helps you streamline your content creation process. This tool uses artificial intelligence to create a personalized social strategy in just a few clicks and a month’s worth of posts (with captions!), as well as visual ideas.

You can edit your posts and even use the Chat AI tool to help you improve them (e.g. add emojis, and titles, make your text more personal, make for longer/shorter text). Rapidly also has all the latest trending sounds and ideas for how to use them, as well as important social media dates and holidays to include in your content calendar.


Big plus? You can schedule the publication of your posts directly on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok) and even analyze your statistics on the fly!

5. Shorten your URLs with Bitly

Tired of sharing long and tedious links? Try Bitly! It allows you to shorten long links into short, personalized URLs, ideal for posting to social networks where every character counts (e.g. Twitter). Bitly is free but comes with professional versions that give you advanced tools and analytics.

6. To perfect grammar: Grammar

Not good at grammar, spelling, and writing in general? Let Grammarly help you! Grammarly helps you identify spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors and even suggests better phrases and words for your texts to make them more concise. Great for testing blog posts, captions, newsletters, etc. to ensure they read well and are error-free to your audience!

7. Client Sourcing: Fiverr

Are you a freelancer offering services like social media management, graphic design, web design, or online services? Similar route? Fiverr is an online platform for freelancers where you can showcase your work, find clients, and connect with businesses looking for the services you offer. Fiverr allows for recommendations, reviews, and testimonials to help you as well as administrative tools like invoicing and payment tracking.

8. Stay organized and collaborate with customers: Notion

Notion is an online project management and collaboration tool that can be very useful for social media managers and entrepreneurs. Seamless working opportunity with customers. It offers an intuitive and customizable interface, allowing you to create organized dashboards and templates for each customer.

It helps you easily manage different projects, content calendars, and client-specific strategies. You can collaborate in real-time, meaning you can easily share ideas and submit proposals, quickly receiving feedback and approvals.

9. Keep your to-do list up to date: Trello

Trello is another online project management tool that uses charts, lists, and cards to organize tasks and projects for you. You’ll be able to create charts to help you organize your work and keep track of your to-do list. You can add due dates, color labels, and comments to each card to prioritize tasks and track their progress.

10. Don’t forget your social media platforms

Of course, using other tools is a great way to help you create content and stay organized, but don’t ignore the tools available on your social platforms. If you’ve already set up a business account on your platform, there are plenty of social media analytics and KPIs available to track your content performance and help you plan.

For example, the information in Instagram’s Business Dashboard provides a variety of statistics, including your top-performing posts, insights into your followers, reach, and their interactions.

social media strategy

Top features to consider when choosing a social networking management tool

1. Scheduling and posting

At the heart of any social media management tool is the ability to schedule social posts in advance across multiple social media channels. Look for features like social media scheduling, visual content calendars, and the ability to automatically republish top-performing content to save time and maintain a consistent presence.

2. Content approval and collaboration workflows

If you work in a team, collaboration tools can be a lifesaver. Choose a platform that allows for easy brainstorming, feedback, and content approval processes. This ensures your social media output is polished and on-brand while avoiding potential errors.

3. Community and Engagement Management

A good social media management app will centralize your interactions. Features like a unified social media inbox and the ability to assign comments or mentions to specific team members streamline your engagement and improve your response time.

4. Analysis and reporting

Data helps make better decisions. Look for tools that provide detailed analytics and customizable reports to track key metrics (engagement, reach, demographics). Use this information to understand what works and adjust your social media strategy over time.

Analysis and reporting

5. Integration with other marketing tools

Social media doesn’t exist in a bubble. Choose a platform that works with your marketing software, CRM, design tools, and other key components of your workflow. The result is a more streamlined and efficient marketing machine.

Choosing the right social media optimization tool for you

Choosing the right social media management platform is essential to streamlining your efforts and achieving the best results. Here is a list of key factors to consider:

Align to business needs:


Identify your social media goals (awareness, engagement, lead generation, etc.).


If you operate in a field with specific functional or regulatory Needs, make sure this tool meets those requirements.


Evaluate how the tool integrates into your existing processes for content creation, approval, and customer engagement.

Essential features:

Scheduling and automation

Prioritize tools that enable social media scheduling, provide content calendars, and enable automatic recycling later.


For teams, find mechanisms to clear approvals, assign tasks, and share. Workflow features.


A unified social inbox centralizes interactions and simplifies community management.

Socail media engagement


Ensure reporting In-depth reports include metrics that matter to your business (reach, engagement, conversions, etc.)

Advanced features (consider as needed)


Tools that offer AI-based content recommendations, hashtag optimization, or sentiment analysis can save time and provide valuable insights.

Social listening

Track brand and keyword mentions. and industry trends to stay informed and proactively engaged.

Image/video editing

Several tools for social media managers provide basic editing, making it simpler to create low-key visuals.

Advertisement management

If you run ads, look for platforms that allow campaigns to be created and monitored.

Platform integration and support


Make sure the tool supports your major platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).


Streamlined workflows streamlined through integration with your design, email marketing, and CRM tools. and other applications.

Social media integration

Price and scalability

Pricing models

Compare plans and features to find the best plan and features for your budget and your needs.

Growth potential

If you plan to expand your team or manage more social media accounts, choose a tool with flexible pricing that accommodates growth.

User experience and support

Free trial

Test the product to ensure the user interface is user-friendly and fits your team’s needs.

Customer support

Good support is very important. Consider response times and resources (training materials, knowledge base) when making decisions.

Remember that the best tool is the one that allows your team to achieve its goals. your own goals effectively!


Choosing the best social media management tool requires careful consideration. Prioritize elements related to your business goals, such as planning, collaboration, analytics, and possibly AI support or social listening. Make sure it supports your essential social platforms and think about how it integrates with your existing tools.

Always consider price, scalability, and overall user experience. Free trials let you test out a tool before committing. Ultimately, choose a platform that streamlines your workflow, empowers your team, and helps you achieve your social media goals. Try a free trial of a top recommended tool, and offer a consultation with you!

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